Corked Nero

Corked Nero

Corked Nero is made from reforested wood, harvested responsibly and sustainably.

To use Corked Nero in masonry, drywall, and wood, use PVA glue adhesive and paint the wall the color of the screen, so there are no contrasts. For glued on version, the surface to be applied should be painted according to the color of the adhesive.


Size: 10-14/16″ x 10-14/16″


SF/Box: 4.13

Pieces/Box: 5

Make: Wood

Finish: Natural


Not recommended for floor application.
Not recommended for outdoor application.
Unsuitable for areas in contact with high temperatures.
Unsuitable for areas in frequent contact with water.
Not recommended for swimming pool applications.
V3 Average change. Well differentiated veins / textures between the sub-formations and / or characteristic parts of the raw material.