Unit Program

Here at International Builders Supply we want to make your planning process as easy as possible. Our Unit Program takes the guesswork out of what to choose for your next project. Every product in this booklet has been hand chosen and priced to fit even the tightest budget.

These lines we keep in stock in limited quantities. Please contact for availability.


12 x 24 Stocked in most colors

Our Unit Tile Program was designed with you in mind. We made sure we did not sacrifice color and style when finding the right price. These lines were built around what is in style now and what is coming in the near future.

Grout recommendation: 3/16″
Tiles are stocked in low quantities for repairs and quick fixes.
Tile thickness may vary based on tile size.
Large tiles will have a higher thickness.


TUFFPLANK is the leading Luxury Vinyl Plank with unlimited custom options. TUFFPLANK is knows for its durability and over 3,000 color options. We make sure that our plank is top of the line in quality and appearance.


We offer many stocked colors and spec options to fit any project. Whether you need a commercial grade plank for that next modern layout or plank options for units with durable wear layers. TUFFPLANK offers it all.

Our leading lines of stocked material include:

Natural Foundations: 6″ x 36″ 2mm 6mil

Purist 7″ x 48″ 2mm 6mil

Purist 7″ x 48″ 2.5mm 20mil | TUFFCOAT
Spectrum 6″ x 36″ 2mm 2mil | TUFFCOAT



Custom Options

If you don’t see the colors or specs you need, try our custom plank series.
TUFFPLANK is famous for it’s complete customization.
You determine your color, size, texture, thickness, wearlayer, and we will have it made for your project.
View TUFFPLANK.com for our custom color library.